MNF Lock of Week, Week 6

Betting Picks

Current MNF Record: 0-0

Total Current Record: Spread, 1-0. O/U, 1-0.


Bang bang. Last night was stressful, but we emerged victorious in the end. Well actually, the over was incredibly predictable and I don’t think I was nervous about that for even one moment. Moving on, tonight is another game that could really go either way. SF is obviously banged up, but they really haven’t been playing all that horribly. On the other hand, Green Bay completely depends on Aaron Rodgers and his injury prone body. So let’s see some picks.


Spread: -9 GB

O/U: 45.5



Spread, GB

O/U, Over (I mean if you take under’s than you shouldn’t even bet)


Don’t ask, just bet.

Eagles, Give Me Amari Cooper… NOW


Do I really have to explain myself? He is one of the premier talents in the league. You can argue all you want about analytics and how he only shows up for certain games, but it is obvious that when he steps on a field he gets extra attention from the defense and he is one of the fastest, most athletic players on the field.  Please let me explain why Amari Cooper is a great WR in a terrible system and why the Eagles would be incredibly stupid to not get him.

First of all, Derek Carr sucks. He is absolutely terrible. Yes. He had one good year and everyone loved him, but then again the same thing happened with Dak Prescott and he sucks too. So far this year, Carr has 7 TD’s and 8 Interceptions. My analytics people are telling me that this is, in fact, NOT GREAT. He is tied for the most interceptions in the league. Not only is he one of the worst starting Quarterbacks in the league right now, he looks kinda weird. I don’t know what it is but it may be that he has butthole eyes (Shout out Chaps) similar to Pete Davidson. Derek Carr Eyes1

He absolutely always looks like he is tired and I just don’t understand it. Can the Raiders not afford pre-workout because they pay their coach so much money? Even more so, why can’t he just borrow some of Gruden’s pregame Coke? Nonetheless, when you are looking at Amari Cooper and his stats, you absolutely must remember that Derek Carr sucks and always is tired.Derek Carr Tired.jpg

So, at this Wide Receiver position, you depend on a lot of things in order to get the stats you deserve. We covered the Quarterback, but you also depend on the coach. You need play calls that can help you get targets, along with getting touches in any way possible. Gruden is not doing a good job in getting the ball to his best WR and probably most talented player. It is not like they are trying to get him the ball and he is dropping it. Cooper, so far this year, ranks 48th in targets. He is behind newly fat (Welcome to the team), Kelvin Benjamin. What I am saying is, how is Cooper supposed to be the Elite WR he’s supposed to be, when his team does not even try to throw him the ball?

Next up, let’s just talk about the Eagles. Everyone wants a running back. Le’veon Bell, Lesean Mccoy, and pretty much any other running back that has Le before their first name (Philly loves French Running Backs) has been thrown in trade rumors with Philly. Why? Why do we need another running back. Think about it. We won the Superbowl because Corey Clement showed up and showed out. Good running backs are fun and all, but a lot of running backs are made by there offensive line. Look at the Steelers. Le’veon was worshipped as one of the best backs in the league, and now no-name James Conner has showed us that any fast strong guy can put up 100 yards and a TD per game in that offense. Smallwood is a good back in my eyes. I really think if he was given workhorse status, then he would be better than Jay Ajayi, and be known as one of the best RB’s in the league.

One more quick thing. Philly just won a Superbowl, right? I think I saw that in the News or something. So, what is the next step? Becoming a Dynasty. The way to go about this is to compare ourselves to other Dynasties and become them in our own version. So let’s take a look at the Patriots real quick. When the Browns put their uber talented, but underutilized even when on the field, WR on the block, the Patriots went right at him and got him. He is now one of their best offensive weapons. Why can’t the Eagles be like this. All that should matter when a franchise is as stable as ours is how talented a player should be. We should be able to trust and depend on our coaches to fix the rest of the problems and use the weapon to the best of his abilities. Just like the Patriots did. I can’t have the last sentence of a post be about the Patriots, so, Go Birds. GO BIRDS.