SNF Lock of the week.


Current SNF Lock of Week Record: 0-0

I will be starting to release my Sunday Night Football Lock of the Week every Sunday during the 4 o’clock games.

Im gonna be honest with you right now. I don’t feel to hot going into this Sunday Night Battle of the AFC Juggernauts. I take whoever the Cowboys are playing to win straight up every week and as of right now, the Cowboys are winning by 24 points. So, yes, I feel a little vulnerable, but I will be making this SNF pick anyways (Your Welcome).


So here ya go. Don’t ask, just bet.


Cheifs, +3 1/2

Over 59.


Locks only. Thank you. Your Welcome.

LA-Bron: The New Bron-Bron


LA bronWhen Lebron let the world know that he was going to sign with the LA Lakers, it was obvious that winning championships was no longer viewed by him as the most important thing to him at this point in his career. Honestly, I agree with him. As a fan it is difficult to realize, but Basketball is just his job. He does it for a living and uses it to feed his family. Now that he is assured his family will be fed for a couple generations or so, LeBron has started to live his life how he wants to, not how basketball fans, Gm’s, or coaches want him to. This has brought us a completely different LeBron than we have ever seen.

Lebron is, as the kids are calling it, “Wilin’ out”. The dude is just doing whatever the fuck he wants. Every day you go on twitter, you see something that lebron did that if it had been done 2 years ago would be absolutely bizarre, but now it is just a regular tweet. Remember when Lebron did that one movie with Amy Schumer, Train Wreck? People talked about that A LOT. NOw it seems like every day i see a new show that Lebron has produced, or a movie that he has a side role in. Lebron is slowly, but surely ensuring that after he retires from basketball, he will have a spot in Hollywood as an actor. To be honest, he’s not even a terrible actor. I liked him in Train Wreck. With that being said, acting is not the only thing that we are seeing different.

Once known for how careful and deliberate he is with the media, Lebron just told a room full of reporters that his sons drink wine. I’m not positive but i think the one is like 12 years old or something. Him saying that is definitely something that so many people will overreact on, and I love it. I will be following along and making all of these people the entire way. Besides that thought, Lebron also just performed on stage with drake ( This video is hilarious to me. Lebron is not a good dancer, he is okay, but he is so hype. ALL THE TIME. Any video he posts of himself listening to music, you would think he wrote it.

So, my thoughts on this. It is obvious he is trying to redo his early 20’s. Sure Lebron probably had a better early 20’s than most of us, but he did not live it up to his potential. He was so scared of ruining his image. He was known as a great guy, and he loved that, but now that he knows that he can act up a little bit and still be seen as a role model human being, he is living it up as much as his wife will let him. I mean he even has a rap song released with Kevin Durant. I mean, C’mon.

Elton Brand, the Scape-Goat


Elton Brand. We all knew that was going to be the candidate that the 76er’s would end up choosing, but none of us really wanted to believe it. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a bad hire. I just think that Elton is the easiest, most safe pick that the 76er’s could choose. This is a low-risk, low-reward decision for Josh Harris and the boys. The worst part about this situation is “low-reward” is not going to beat the Warrior’s for many, many years to come. I don’t even think this “low-reward” tactic will be able to keep up with the Celtics for the upcoming years.Elton

The Sixers just were not in the right situation for this hire. If we were a team that was already on top of many of the NBA Power Rankings then I would completely change my mind and agree with the hire, but the Sixers sadly are not. What we need out of a GM right now is someone who will make waves. Someone who is different enough to make the changes we need in order to win. The Sixers should have taken the path that the Phillies did. No, I am not saying they should rebuild or anything even close to it. We have one of the best young cores in the league. I am saying we should have brought someone like Matt Klentak or Gabe Kapler in to help forward their thinking and take this team from a very good team, to a Championship Contender. If you are not a Phillies fan right now (Who is?) and the names Klentak and Kapler make your skin curl then another great franchise that we could look at is the Rockets. Yes, they have the Reigning MVP, that helps, but they also have a great GM that at one point was a risky hire.

I know after reading this it seems like I hate Elton Brand and the choice that the Sixers made, but honestly I think he may do well and the Sixers may win a lot of games, he is just not the person that will put the Sixers in the position to win championships.