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The first sunday without a real football game can have you feeling a little lifeless. The only real way to snap out of that funk is to place down a 7-way parlay on all of the remaining NBA games for the day. Since i feel as if I have missed my last 1000 bets on the Sixers, today is the day that I can actually win some money without jinxing my team. Let’s get to it. We will just be doing the spreads. If you want to know if you should take the Over or the Under… take the over and dont be a bitch.


Game 1: Milwaukee @ OKC, Bucks -1

Two of the best teams in the league, but this is an easy value bet. OKC ML at home will win you a couple extra dollars. I think they are the better team, and Giannis will not be enough to push Milwaukee past Paul George and Russ.




Game 2: Toronto @ Dallas, Toronto -4.5

This spread should not be close. The only reason it is close is because all of the teenagers in America are obsessed with Ariana Grande and Luka Doncic, and one of them happens to play for Dallas. Easy pick. Toronto -4.5. They are much better than Dallas and it will show.


PICK: TOR -4.5


Game 3: Orlando @ Houston, Houston -9

This is a tough game to pick. Orlando is a underrated team. They can give anyone in the league a run for their money, but end up short. 9 points is a lot for a team of Houston’s caliber. I just have to stick with my gut right now and take Orlando +9.




Game 4: Utah @ Minnesota, Utah -4

I hate Utah. The team, the state, the lake of salt. I also enjoy the Timberwolves. They have a couple familiar faces on their squad and a very likable coach. None of this matters though because I like money more than both of them. I will be taking Utah -4 because they are the more complete team and are hotter right now.




*******Game 5: Washington @ San Antonio, San Antonio-4*********


Two teams that I couldn’t care less about. Also, in my opinion, the easiest pick of the day. SA -4. Washington is a dumpster fire right now, and the spurs still have the best coach in the league. He will take care of the horrible Wizards at home.




Game 6: Miami @ New York, Miami -4.5

Both teams are not great, but Miami at least has a little something to play for. New York has players publically telling other players to pass the ball, another player being hunted by other countries while also getting benched by his coach. Take the consistent team over the young one here. Miami -4.5


PICK: MIA -4.5


Game 7: Phoenix @ LA Lakers, LA -7.5

Last game of the day and probably the hardest to choose. Lakers are not very good without Lebron, but Pheonix is one of the worst teams I’ve ever saw. 7.5 is a lot of points to give against banged up Lakers squad, but I think at home they will be able to take advantage of the easy matchup.


PICK: LA -7.5



OKC +1

TOR -4.5

ORL +9


SA -4

MIA -4.5

LA -7.5


Put $10 on that and the payout will be around $1000. Good luck.

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